Become a Member of the Civics Renewal Network

The Civics Renewal Network is now accepting applications from organizations interested in becoming a contributing member of the network. For more information or to apply, contact by December 31.

Organizations must meet the following criteria:

A. Have a national scope

B. Focus on civic- and law-related education

C. Nonprofit and nonpartisan, or a government entity

C. Provide primarily free classroom resources

D. Resources must be available online

E. Resources and programs must be in the K-12 range

New Core Documents Collection on Reconstruction Released has released another volume in its Core Documents Collection available for download. This collection focuses on Reconstruction and contains:

  • Key documents on the period, theme, or institution, selected by an expert and reviewed by an editorial board.
  • An introduction highlighting key documents and themes.
  • A thematic table of contents, showing the connections between various documents.
  • Study questions for each document, as well as questions that refer to other documents in the collection.
  • Notes on each document to identify people, events, movements, or ideas to improve understanding of the document’s historical context.
  • Download the documents here.

Resources for Teaching Media Literacy

Here is a curated collection of the classroom resources on media literacy that can be found at Check back as more resources are added to the list.

New Core Knowledge History and Geography Units

Do you teach grades 3-5? The Core Knowledge Foundation has announced that its units for the new Core Knowledge History and Geography (CKHG) series are now available for free download. Go here to learn more.

Celebrating Our Constitution

We’re all about teaching and celebrating the U.S. Constitution this month, but especially on September 17, when the delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed our founding document in Philadelphia in 1787. Partner organizations in the Civics Renewal Network offer activities and lesson plans for all ages.

DocsTeach Webinars Available on Demand

The National Archives has announced a new program called DocsTeach On Demand. Connect your school or district for an on-demand webinar exploring DocsTeach, the online tool for teaching with documents from the National Archives. Before the webinar, a National Archives educator will work with you to determine what the webinar will cover. All webinars are free. Topics may include:

  • An introduction to DocsTeach
  • Finding primary sources for the classroom
  • Creating DocsTeach activities

Learn more here.

Women’s Suffrage, the 14th Amendment at 150, and Summer Games

This month marks the 170th anniversary of the Seneca Falls convention that launched the women’s suffrage movement. It took more than 70 years for women to get the right to vote. It’s also the 150th anniversary of the ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment, which has had a profound effect on the rights of citizens. Finally, summer’s in full swing, so why not have fun checking out games for your classroom this fall!

Core Documents Collection: Documents and Debates has released a two-volume set of the Core Documents Collection – Documents and Debates. The two volumes are structured around a series of topics, each based on a question for debate. For each topic, there is a collection of documents that, together, form the basis of argument over that topic – from those who debated it at a given point in American history. Volume One covers 1493-1865, and Volume Two covers 1865-2009.
The goal is to explore a series of critical moments in American history by asking questions for which there are not simple yes/no answers, but instead call for informed discussion and rational debate. The Documents and Debates readers also include appendices of additional documents, and together are a perfect fit for any American History survey course, including AP U.S. History.