This toolkit contains a wide range of resources for all grades for putting together a Constitution Day or Preamble Challenge activity at your school, library or community to celebrate the signing of the Constitution on September 17. What’s the Challenge? Come up with the most creative way to learn about the Preamble! We’re talking about raps, dances, skits, and more! The toolkit provides activities, lessons and other ways to share the great work of your students and be part of this national celebration! Want to share your event with the media? Download this model press release. Now, get started by exploring the resources below.

    The History of Constitution Day

    Constitution Day became a national observance in 2004, when Congress passed an amendment proposed by Sen. Robert Byrd that designated September 17 as the day for citizens to commemorate the signing of the Constitution and learn more about our founding document. Senator Byrd said: “Our ideals of freedom, set forth and realized in our Constitution, are our greatest export to the world.” He believed that all citizens should know about their constitutional rights. The amendment requires the teaching of the Constitution at educational institutions that receive federal funds as well as federal agencies.

    Lesson Plans

    Check out these lesson plans for all grade levels to use on Constitution Day.


    Watch these videos to learn about the three branches of government, the founders and the Constitution.


    To Sign or Not to Sign! Download a poster of the Constitution for your classroom. Use our lesson plan and have a classroom signing (or not) party.


    Looking for simple, fun ways to get your students interested in the Preamble? Try one of our craft activities to learn the words, make a prop, or just have a little fun with the Constitution.


    Here is all you need to get started making your own Preamble Challenge T-shirts.

    • You must buy T-shirt transfer paper. You can usually find this in a local craft store, or buy from Amazon. Be sure to get enough for all your students, plus a few extra.
    • You will also need T-shirts. Plain white works well, but light/bright colors also will work. Ask your students their size and buy a shirt for each of them. You could also have each student bring in a T-shirt.
    • Print the design in this kit on the transfer paper. Be sure to follow the directions that accompany sheets. Usually, transfer paper cannot go into a laser printer, or copy machine, so you may need to track down an ink-jet printer. You will notice that the design will originally print as a mirror image. This is so it will appear the correct way on the finished product.
    • Use an iron to transfer the image from the paper onto a T-shirt. If your students are old enough, they can help, or perhaps parents and other volunteers can lend a hand.
    • Remind all students to wear their Preamble T-shirt on Constitution Day!