Preserving the Bill of Rights

These resources from the Bill of Rights Institute teach students constitutional principles by examining primary source documents and significant Supreme Court cases. In addition, each unit features expanded classroom activities engaging students with the Bill of Rights and the responsibilities of citizenship. Students will understand the connection between current events and the Bill of Rights when they participate in activities such as writing letters to their elected representatives; serving in a mock jury; creating public service announcements; and writing model laws.

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Bill of Rights Booklet

The ABOTA Foundation provides a Bill of Rights booklet pdf for elementary and middle school students. It contains the text of the Bill of Rights and a space for students to be able to paraphrase what each amendment means.

For more resources from the ABOTA Foundation, go here.

Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government

This resource from the U.S. Government Publishing Office offers three levels of learning: Apprentice, ages 4-8; Journeyman, ages 9-14; and Master, ages 14 plus. Go on Learning Adventures to explore topics such as Federally Recognized Tribes; Federal vs. State Government; Branches of Government; How Laws Are Made; Election Process; Songs, Symbols and Structures of U.S. Government; and Historical Documents, including the Bill of Rights. You’ll find lots of activities, lessons and games.

For more resources from the U.S. GPO, go here.

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