Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

For almost 90 years, Monticello has been maintained and kept open to the public by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc., which owns over 2,500 acres of Jefferson's 5,000-acre plantation. The new Monticello Digital Classroom, launched in 2017, combines content from the prior classroom archive with materials from the Sea of Liberty website. The site includes lesson plans, articles, and multimedia content for use by teachers, students, and scholars of all levels. All materials are cross-referenced, searchable, and available for download.

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Who Lived at Monticello?

Thomas Jefferson and his family were not the only people living at Monticello. At any given time there would be about 100 slaves living and working on the plantation. This infograph gives a snapshot of inhabitants of Monticello in the 1790s.

Thomas Jefferson and Slavery

Thomas Jefferson, the man who wrote the famous line “all men are created equal,” was a life-long slave-owner. Over the course of his life, he would own 600 human beings, and at any given time there would be roughly 100 slaves living and working on and around Jefferson’s plantation and farms. This handout describes Thomas Jefferson’s views on slavery.

What Does July 4th Mean to You?

July 4th brings to mind fireworks, parades, and picnics but what are we celebrating when we remember the signing of the Declaration of Independence? What does July 4th mean to you? This lesson plan lets students make connections between the birthday of America and its significance in today’s world.

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