Women’s Rights

This unit from the Historical Society of Pennsylvania examines the struggle women endured economically, politically, and socially in the United States during the nineteenth and twentieth century. Through the analysis of the Hucksters’ Petition, National Woman Suffrage Association’s Constitution, and the Equal Rights Amendment brochure, students will understand the struggle women encountered in their fight to obtain economic and political rights.

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Government Speech Under the First Amendment

This middle school lesson from the American Bar Association teaches students, through a simulation related to government-sponsored Confederate monuments, about the government-speech doctrine under the First Amendment. In particular, this lesson aims to (1) introduce students to the issue of government speech; (2) teach the doctrine; (3) apply the doctrine in a contemporary context; and (4) critically analyze the doctrine.

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What Are My First Amendment Rights?

This lesson for early elementary grades will introduce to young citizens their First Amendment rights. They will consider examples of the First Amendment, and describe what this looks like in their own lives. This resource is from the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship at the Lou Frey Institute.
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