As our nation becomes more polarized, discussing current events and controversial issues can be difficult for teachers. How can civil debate be fostered? How can critical thinking skills be incorporated? Classroom resources from numerous Civics Renewal Network partners have been compiled to make it easier for teachers to find what they need.

And Happy National County Government Month! iCivics has relaunched an upgraded version of the Counties Work game along with lesson plans and other resources. Celebrate local government!

What are you doing on Constitution Day this fall? Get ahead of the game by signing up for the nationwide Preamble Challenge now and you can check off that task. It’s easy and free, and an updated Teacher Toolkit is ready to go. Done!

How to Teach Controversial Topics and Civil Debate

Check out classroom resources from Civics Renewal Network organizations such as the Newseum, Street Law and Constitutional Rights Foundation. You’ll find materials appropriate for second grade through high school.

Counties Work

In this iCivics game, students learn about local government by playing a county official responding to citizen requests. They must keep citizens happy and manage county resources responsibly. Are citizens making sensible requests? Which county department has the solution? Do taxes need to be raised or lowered to balance the budget?

For a complete list of games on the CRN website, go here.

Constitution Day 2017? You’re ready!

Why wait till school opens in the fall to start thinking about Constitution Day? You can take care of that right now by signing up for the Civics Renewal Network’s Preamble Challenge. The free Teacher Toolkit has been refreshed with new resources for all grade levels.

News in the Network

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