Here you will find a collection of Constitution Day programming for teachers, students of all ages, and families. Unless noted, the programming will be live on September 17. Happy Constitution Day!

Bill of Rights Institute

Constitution Day Live! Join BRI for a special four-hour live event as we celebrate the 233rd anniversary of the signing of the Constitution! This year, we’ll explore the complexity of the question “United We Stand?” by speaking with leaders in scholarship, government, and education. How does the Constitution give us a pathway to find agreement? And what concrete actions can we all take to contribute to civil society? This event will be hosted LIVE on YouTube from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. ET. Register here.

Center for Civic Education

A special Power to the People webinar series launches at 7:30 p.m. ET. This series of seven free webinars features nationally renowned scholars explaining both sides of controversial issues, ranging from Confederate monuments to mass incarceration to voter suppression. In the first webinar, The Power of People and the Courts, U.S. District Judge Mae Avila D’Agostino and Center for Civic Education President Christopher Riano will review important U.S. Supreme Court cases from 2019-2020. Sign up here.

Constituting America

LIVE Constitution Day Virtual Workshops
Constituting America offers a full day of 25-minute workshops from 10:45 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET to celebrate the U.S. Constitution and help students learn how the Constitution applies to their individual strengths and interests, featuring students teaching students, moderated by Founder & Co-President Actress Janine Turner. Learn more and sign up here.


After meeting as young politicians in 1776, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison became lifelong friends who shared many interests and philosophies on politics and governance—including opinions on the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Veteran interpreters Bill Barker and Bryan Austin will discuss the personal relationship and political collaborations of Jefferson and Madison. Watch live on Tuesday, Sept. 15: Facebook page, website, and YouTube channel.

National Archives

The Charters of Freedom: Building a More Perfect Union – Grades 3-6
Students, classes, and families are welcome to join us for this interactive learning program at 2 p.m. ET (45 minutes). Offered in partnership with the Presidential Primary Sources Project, this program is part of our fall lineup of online student programs for grades K-12. Register for this or any of these student programs or watch the live stream on Facebook from the Presidential Primary Sources Project.

National Constitution Center

Online Student Town Hall With Justice Gorsuch
Join us at 12 p.m. ET for a conversation with Justice Neil Gorsuch, who will speak about his career, the role of the judicial branch, and what it’s like to sit on the Supreme Court. National Constitution Center President and CEO Jeffrey Rosen will moderate the discussion. Register here.

National Constitution Center

LIVE Preamble Reading on the front lawn and streamed live on Zoom at 8:45 a.m. ET
View a special flag-raising ceremony on Independence Mall, then join in as National Constitution Center President and CEO Jeffrey Rosen leads a lively reading of the Constitution’s preamble. Register here.

National Constitution Center

Question and Answer Sessions Streamed on Zoom
9 a.m. ET (from Signers’ Hall) and 3 p.m. ET (from the main exhibit)
We bring our museum to you this Constitution Day with LIVE question and answer sessions from our exhibits. Students can log on to ask our educators all of their biggest Constitution Day questions, and we’ll answer them live on Zoom! Register here for Signers’ Hall and here for the main exhibit.