Civic Discourse at the Constitutional Convention

The purpose of this lesson from the Constitutional Sources Project is to engage students in a discussion of the Constitutional Convention, which began on May 25, 1787, in Philadelphia. Students will explore the key disputes that arose during the convention, including most prominently how power would be divided between the federal and state governments and the various branches of government. Furthermore, students will understand the importance of compromise during the Constitutional Convention.

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Local Politics: The Need for Compromise

This lesson from the Youth Leadership Initiative examines the process of local decision making and its need for citizen input and compromise. Students simulate a local city/county council session and advise the council on public policy. Students are asked to consider the viewpoints of different citizen groups in order to reach a compromise that will benefit the entire community. This lesson can be used with a unit on local politics and can be adapted to reflect issues of compromise in your school or community. Free registration required.

For more resources from the Youth Leadership Initiative, go here.

Civics in Real Life

Civics in Real Life is a simple-to-use resource from the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship that ties in to what’s going on today. On this page, updated regularly through the school year, you will find concise resources that explore a civics concept or idea connected to current events. Simply click on the resource to download the PDF and share with your students!

For more resources from the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship, go here.

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