The Rule of Law and Public Health: a Socratic Seminar

The ABA’s Division for Public Education offers this high school Socratic Seminar in which students will be asked to examine various readings and videos on public health and the rule of law and then explore the question “What role does the law play in protecting our health?” Encourage students to be prepared, participate actively, use evidence, listen carefully, and ask thoughtful questions of their peers throughout the seminar. There are resources to explore several public health examples (e.g., clean water, coal dust, COVID-19) included in this seminar guide, so feel free to select one or more, and adapt to your needs.

For more resources from the ABA’s Division for Public Education, go here.

Japanese American Internment Primary Source Set

On December 18, 1944, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II in the case “Korematsu v. U.S.” The Library of Congress provides official documents, newspapers, and images that offer perspectives on the Japanese American experience of forced relocation to internment camps. A Teacher’s Guide is included.

For more resources from the Library of Congress, go here.

Blogging the Bill of Rights

Celebrate Bill of Rights Day on December 15! In this activity from NewseumED, students write a persuasive argument for or against a bill of rights and represent that point of view in a blog post format.

For more resources from NewseumEd, go here.

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