Podcasts on Impeachment

Check out the 60-Second Civics podcasts from the Center for Civic Education for a collection of resources on impeachment. Learn about the process of impeachment; impeachment and judicial review as two important checks on government; and find examples.

For more resources from the Center for Civic Education, go here.

Free Speech Essentials

From censorship to cyberbullying, the First Amendment’s freedoms are as hotly contested as ever. This EDCollection from NewseumED explores 16 free speech debates ranging from the founding of our nation to recent headlines to illustrate what free speech actually means, where it comes from, and how far it can go. This collection is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of circumstances and curricula. Whether you’re a social studies teacher looking for a complete unit or an English teacher looking to spend a single class period on free expression, there’s something for everyone. NewseumED registration required.

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The Constitution on DocsTeach.org

Teaching about the Constitution isn’t just for Constitution Day. Locate primary sources from the holdings of the National Archives related to such topics as “checks and balances,” “representative government,” all 27 amendments, and other concepts found in the Constitution. This special home page devoted to the U.S. Constitution also features activities to share with students, such as “The Constitution at Work,” which uses primary sources to demonstrate the Constitution in action in our everyday lives.
For more resources from the National Archives, go here.

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