The Civics Renewal Network continues to update its collection of remote learning resources curated from its more than 30 nonprofit, nonpartisan organizations. All resources are free and online to help teachers during these tumultuous times.

We’re here to help keep your students engaged in learning with a curated collection of resources for grades K-12 from the more than 30 partners in the Civics Renewal Network. Below are some highlights of what you will find.

The full page of resources is here. We have highlighted some of those resources below.

Constitutional Rights Foundation

Teachers and parents will find a trove of remote learning resources for elementary, middle and high school students. They include lessons that can be easily used in Google Classroom on topics such as women’s history in the U.S. and world; teaching with primary sources; and containing the coronavirus. Webinars and webcasts focus on topics such as the Bill of Rights, the Census, public policy, and the three branches of government. Students in grades 2-4, don’t miss the trial of People v. A. Wolf on May 18! Register here.

For more resources from the Constitutional Rights Foundation, go here.

National Constitution Center

The National Constitution Center offers many online civic learning opportunities opportunities. Open Source Sessions – part lecture and part lively conversation – are open to the public so students, teachers and parents can join a discussion with NCC scholars on core constitutional topics. Teachers may also request private Scholar Exchanges for their classes. Exchanges are recorded and posted on the website.

For more resources from the National Constitution Center, go here.

Election 2020: Politics, Covid-19 and the Economy

This lesson from the Youth Leadership Initiative addresses how the state of the economy during a presidential election season has a significant impact on not just the approval rating of the incumbent president at the time, but also has an impact on the policies on which presidential candidates run. This exercise will encourage students to evaluate how other fluctuations in the economy may affect the ratings, policies, and decisions of the 2020 presidential candidates.

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