Since its inception 12 years ago, Constituting America has made over 685 free interactive Constitution presentations to over 48,300 students in 27 states. Each class that schedules a presentation to occur before Saturday, September 17 (Constitution Day), will get free U.S. Constitutions for all the students in its school! Constituting America will present live or remote on one of two topics:
The Constitution: This interactive, engaging, and fun presentation is based on a 10-question quiz that educates students about basic constitutional and founding principles, the relevance of the U.S. Constitution, and how to engage with their government as educated citizens. Go here to learn more.
How to Have a Civil Civic Conversation: After an initial debate on a pre-approved “hot topic,” students watch a four-minute video in which Constituting America’s We The Future Contest winners give tips on having a civil civic conversation. Then students are asked to generate policy ideas that they could recommend to their elected officials that incorporate both sides of the issue. Go here to learn more.