Register for a Workshop on the Constitutional Convention

The Constitutional Sources Project (ConSource) and George Mason’s Gunston Hall are offering a free workshop on June 28 for teachers on ConSource’s Constitutional Convention simulation. Educators will participate in interactive, choice-centered, primary-source rich sessions and leave with not only a richer appreciation for the decisions made during the Constitutional Convention but also free lesson plans, […]

Download a free e-book on “50 Core American Documents”

The Ashbrook Center at Ashland University has published a free e-book called “50 Core American Documents.” These documents sketch America’s story from our origins to the present, and include contributions by Federalists and Anti-Federalists, abolitionists and secessionists, Progressives and conservatives. Each of the documents is introduced with a brief background and with questions that could be […]

Celebrate Freedom Day!

The National Constitution Center is celebrating the third annual Freedom Day on April 13. This year’s program will explore what James Madison and the other framers of the Constitution would make of today’s presidency, Congress, courts and media, and how we can resurrect the Madisonian values of public reason and compromise in a polarized age. […]

Becoming U.S.: Age and Assimilation

If you emigrated to the U.S., were you a child or an adult at that time? Did you make the decision to come? In the second program of this series, we examine how one’s age at the time of immigration affects assimilation into language, culture, politics and work life. After short statements from panelists, audience […]

Americans All! Foreign-Born Soldiers in the First World War

During World War I, foreign-born soldiers represented nearly 1 out of 5 servicemen in the U.S. Army. This surge of Old World soldiers – from 46 nations – challenged the culture of the American military, its linguistic and religious traditions, and required top brass to reconsider training methods. Bloomsburg Professor Dr. Nancy Gentile-Ford will examine […]

How to Teach Controversial Topics and Civil Debate

How can sensitive issues such as immigration, racial discrimination, politics and government, and police behavior be debated in a civil manner? Our civics education resources provide a foundational knowledge for students to use in engaging in discussions about controversial topics.