This month, we’re featuring classroom activities on the judicial branch as the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee opens confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch on March 20. Celebrate Women’s History Month with a video of a conversation with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. And sign up for free sessions at Share My Lesson’s fifth annual virtual conference on March 14-16.

The Judicial Nomination Process

What is the nomination process for Supreme Court justices and federal judges? Find out in a multimedia package of educational resources geared to high school students, their teachers, and interested adults. What do judges promise in the judicial oath of office? What is the role of justices and judges? What kinds of information are nominees asked to share during the nomination process? What do judges, themselves, say about what it means to be impartial? Check out this teaching module from the U.S. Courts.

For more resources on the judicial branch, go here.

A Conversation with Justice Ginsburg on Women and the Constitution

Watch a video of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg speaking about constitutional challenges women faced in the past; inspiration for women’s rights activism; key Supreme Court cases related to women’s rights; and writing dissenting opinions. The event was co-sponsored by ConSource and George Washington University Law School.

For more resources on Women’s History Month, go here.

Share My Lesson’s Virtual Conference

The fifth annual Ideas & Innovations conference, March 14-16, provides “use right now” content that will work in today’s classroom. From immigration law to robots, community schools to media literacy, this free professional learning webinar series will give you new ideas to freshen your instructional practice. You can earn professional development credit, too.

News in the Network

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  • National Constitution Center and iCivics: These two CRN partners have a launched a digital site called Learn more.
  • Street Law: Registration deadline is March 17 for the Supreme Court Summer Institute. Learn more.
  • Street Law: New deliberation materials on Sanctuary Cities and a new classroom activity on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Gorsuch are available.
  • CRN has a new website! If you did not get a password reset email, please request one here.