Welcome to our newest partners in the Civic Renewal Network! Learn about the Core Knowledge Foundation and the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship at the Lou Frey Institute and check out their wonderful resources!

Core Knowledge Foundation

This unit on the Thirteen Colonies explores the development of three regions of English colonies using primary source documents and imaginative narratives. Across 35 lessons, students explore Jamestown, labor by indentured servants, and the reliance on enslaved workers in southern colonies, look at the motives influencing the Pilgrims and Puritans in New England and the financial and religious reasons for settling the Middle Colonies.
The mission of the Core Knowledge Foundation is to advance excellence and equity in education for all children. To achieve this mission, we offer detailed curricular guidance and materials to schools, teachers, parents, and policymakers—to anyone who believes, as we do, that every child in a diverse democracy deserves access to enabling knowledge.
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Florida Joint Center on Citizenship at the Lou Frey Institute

This lesson, What are my First Amendment Rights?, is for our younger citizens in grades 1-3. It introduces the rights in the First Amendment. Student will consider examples of the First Amendment and describe what this looks like in their own lives.
The Lou Frey Institute promotes the development of enlightened, responsible, and actively engaged citizens. The Institute works to accomplish its mission through civic education programs that encourage thoughtful discussion about current policy issues; experiential learning programs that encourage the development of civic and political skills; working to strengthen the capacity of the K-12 civic education system through its Florida Joint Center for Citizenship; and through research, policy analysis, and advocacy.
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A Lesson on Benjamin Franklin’s ‘Project for Moral Perfection’

This selection is taken from “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.” This excerpt focuses on self-improvement, specifically the pursuit of “moral perfection” through carefully structured and documented practice. Through textual analysis and group discussion, students will reflect on their own personal value systems and articulate principles by which they choose to live. The lesson from What So Proudly We Hail is Common Core-aligned and includes a model discussion.

News in the Network

  • TeachingAmericanHistory.org: The fifth volume of its Core Documents Collection, The Cold War, has been released. Learn more.