I Have a Dream: Celebrating the Vision of Martin Luther King Jr.

Find resources for all grade levels for teaching about Dr. King and his impact on our nation and on global efforts toward peace and civil rights. Dr. King’s words and actions demonstrated that nonviolent, persistent activism can achieve tremendous results by appealing to the moral conscience of Americans. These resources are provided by the National Endowment of the Humanities’ EDSITEment project.

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Democracy Corps: A Complete Service Learning Program

Learn about American democracy while serving your community. Serve your community while learning about the responsibilities of American democracy. The Youth Leadership Initiative’s Democracy Corps brings your civics lessons to the community while instilling lifelong civic engagement in your students.

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Responsibility and Community Service

This lesson for elementary and middle school students explores how groups of people (or animals) come together to solve community problems. Students will identify a variety of personal responsibilities and civic responsibilities from a set of pictures in order to get a better understanding of what responsibility means. Students also will understand that citizens have a responsibility to help others. The resource is from the American Bar Association’s Division of Public Education.

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