Constitution Day Teacher Toolkit

Just in time for your Constitution Day planning, the Civics Renewal Network has added more excellent resources to its Teacher Toolkit. You’ll find Constitution guides, videos, games, lessons and activities for all grade levels from our 33 partners.

For a complete list of Constitution resources, go here.

Redistricting & Gerrymandering

In this lesson from Street Law, students will learn how state legislatures and governors can manipulate the redistricting process to gain an advantage for their party in the U.S. House of Representatives and state legislatures. Students will learn what constitutes gerrymandering and the typical types of gerrymandering used. Students will role play state legislators and collaborate to draw both gerrymandered and not gerrymandered districts. Students will consider the foundational redistricting case Baker v. Carr (1962) and classify arguments made in the case. In addition, students will evaluate the proper role of the Supreme Court in state redistricting cases.

For more resources on redistricting, go here.

The Legislative Process

Nine short videos from the Library of Congress explain each of the common legislative stages. They also show that the process by which a bill becomes law is rarely predictable.
For a complete list of resources on Congress, go here.

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