This month, we offer a wonderful new resource for families that’s fun, informative, and a great way to keep students engaged this summer. Also, AP U.S. History teachers will want to take note of a new documents collection focusing on debate. And last, an online classroom activity for teaching about the Constitution, which was adopted on June 21, 1788.

Democracy at Play: A Civic Challenge for Families

This campaign is designed to enable conversations about civics and politics between parents and their kids in a fun, informative, and engaging way. It highlights four of iCivics’ most popular games with accompanying discussion questions, a Bingo game on local government, and a coloring and activity book geared toward teaching elementary school students about county government. Materials are available in both English and Spanish. Take the Democracy At Play civic challenge here. Share the campaign or join the discussion on social media using #DemocracyAtPlay.

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Core Documents Collection: Documents and Debate has released a two-volume set of the Core Documents Collection – Documents and Debates. The two volumes are structured around a series of topics, each based on a question for debate. For each topic, there is a collection of documents that, together, form the basis of argument over that topic – from those who debated it at a given point in American history. Download Volume One, which covers 1493-1865, here. Download Volume Two, which covers 1865-2009, here. The goal is to explore a series of critical moments in American history by asking questions for which there are not simple yes/no answers, but instead call for informed discussion and rational debate.

For more resources from, go here.

The Constitution at Work

In this online activity from the National Archives, students will analyze documents that span the course of American history to determine their connection to the U.S. Constitution. Students will then make connections between the documents they have examined and the big ideas found within the Constitution. A Spanish version is also available.

For a complete list of resources on the Constitution, go here.

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